Well another week has passed and there’s nothing like relaxing at the end of it, knockin’ back a few brewskis and watching the homies at the SUPER AWESOME VAPE SHOW have a little chit chat.

Episode.32 from S.A.V.S kicked off again on it’s regular time slot on Sunday night and this week the guys covered the recent attack on the vaping industry in the form of the Wet Lung articles that seem to be the flavour of the month for the vape haters.

There was also talk of a few upgrades in the works for the channel – Where for the first time they were able to take viewer phone calls! On top of switching to split multi screen formats instead of the google hangout layout SAVS have adopted before, Jay Live Vape N’ Chill got a new mixer with a brand new intro to the show that should make you laugh and messed around with a few voice editing techniques.

The team continued their weekly onslaught into the ridiculous accent i speak with and Jay and Chris did pretty well to perfect the ‘Cali Girl’ but I’m pretty sure they all love it deep down and are just jealous of my versatile bipolar voice box?

The guys as usual answered questions from the chat, and went through what they’re vaping on as well what products they’ve got coming out for review!

If you’re brave enough check out the AFTERSHOW live on the DAILYVAPETV channel!

Don’t forget that there is no S.A.V.S this week due to the panel’s work commitments. Also make sure to subscribe to the Super Awesome Vape Show channel and the guys individual accounts and help support the team! All links below….

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