We’ve all been there, looking for an easy to use all in one solution for your vaping needs. Well… this just might be it. The Vaptio SOLO F2 is a brand new all in one kit on the market and from what we’ve seen in its price range, easily holds it’s weight against the competition.

The first thing to make an impression on us about this kit is the unique magnetic top cap. At first, we were unsure as to its inclusion, but it grew on us. Vaptio have labelled it a “Magnetic Dust-proof cap” and for some, it might not be a crucial addition, but after having it as a regular carry for the last week or so it’s actually proved it’s worth keeping it lint and grime free from the pocket fairies. The cap can be removed and placed on the bottom of the mod via a nice snug magnetic clip, but can also be left on top allowing for a tighter draw to your vape due to its thin slots for airflow (although limiting the flavour slightly. Once removed and using the standard cap the device performs well. The F2 can power up to 50W which is more than enough for its size and target market. It also packs a 2200mAh battery and the battery life is certainly respectable with standard Micro-USB cable charging via your computer or wall adapter.


What’s also great about this device is the coils. It comes with the new 0.25ohm FROGMAN-X2 Coil which in itself provides really good flavour for us and no lack of vapour production. If one, or both of these qualities is your thing you won’t be let down on either front. There is also beauty in the F2’s compatibility with other coils on the market. With coils such as the Joyetech Pro C10S, Vaporesso GT CCELL, or the ever-popular SMOK TFV8-Baby coils all are alternative options should your local shop not provide replacement FROGMAN coils. Lastly, the fire button (a simple 5 tap to turn it on) ergonomically has a nice feel to it and responds well with no clunky feel or noisy attributes. A white, blue and red light indicates 60% / 30-60% / and below 30% charge which for the most part is a standard feature in kits such as these.

Overall we found the Vaptio SOLO F2 to be a strong candidate in its weight class. With a definite emphasis on the flavour, it delivers, complimented by decent vapour production and a nice feel to it on the carry. It’s not going to break the bank with an RRP of £29.99 ($39.99) which is affordable, and the coil options are a definite pro. On the ‘cons’ side of things, the slight whistle on the draw could be deemed irritating for some vapers. That being said for the price, the F2 can hold it’s head high and hopefully be a device that beginner vapers can look to pick up to help them in their quest for a healthier smoke-free lifestyle. This device also comes in 5 colours (black, red, pink, blue, and grey) so you and your fellow Power Rangers can set off to fight crime in style!

This device was provided by Eco-Vape and available now in all of their retail locations or by visiting their website /


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